OVER 30 YEARS of proven space experience

Mission critical electro-optical EXPERTISE

INNOVATIVE and cost effective approach

AGILE and FLEXIBLE dedicated workforce

INTERNATIONAL development programs

Made in EUROPE

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Your partner for customised Spaceborne solutions

OIP Space Instruments was established in 2021 as a strategic Business Unit for OIP N.V.’s Space activities; focussing on planetary observation, scientific programs and technological research.

OIP N.V. , established in 1919 as ‘Optique et Instruments de Précision’ in Ghent (BE), made a big evolution over more than a century. Nowadays based in Oudenaarde, the company employs over 100 people.

OIP Space Instruments can look back on extensive experience and is eager to pursue innovation, continual improvement and excelling in customer experience, while paying special attention to precision, accuracy, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Meanwhile, OIP Space Instruments is a trusted partner to design and deliver electro-optical high-end customised spaceborne solutions for international development projects.

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