About us

Supporting the company to meet the requested quality standards

OIP Space Instruments is a leader in the field of design, development & production of electro-optics for a variety of markets. The company’s state-of-the-art solutions which are used by worldwide customers, are intended to serve different specific applications.


OIP Space Instruments is FULLY EQUIPPED to handle every aspect of design, manufacturing, testing and qualification, hereby ensuring that all products exactly match the required specifications and are providing complete customer satisfaction.

ENGINEERING is OIP’s major focus. This department consists of highly experienced qualified engineers and scientists, who are working with the most advanced software for optical, mechanical and electronic design. All Engineering activities are fully compliant with the AS9100 Quality Requirements and ESA’s ECSS standards.

OIP Space Instruments disposes of a purpose-built fully equipped CLEANROOM installation (200m²) of the best standards (ISO-5 to ISO-7), allowing to meet the very high requirements as to development and production of opto electrical instruments for Space applications. The facility disposes of sufficient capacity to handle optical, mechanical and electronical assemblies, including dark rooms with calibrated light sources to perform optical testing.

Following state-of-the-art equipment is available in the cleanroom facilities:

    • Detector Alignment Station (DAS) (accuracy better than 3 micron)
    • Thermal Vacuum Chamber and ovens
    • Solder stations under fume extraction hoods
    • Environmental & Cleanliness monitoring equipment (PFO photometer, witness plates)
    • (ultra sonic) cleaning baths
    • Optical benches with theodolites, rotation/translation stages, ..
    • Optical characterisation equipment (Zygo Interferometer, monochrometers, integrating spheres, light sources, lasers, collimators)
    • Flowbenches
    • Microscopes

OIP’s ASSEMBLY FACILITY is provided with the necessary space to handle optical, mechanical and electronical assembly, including dark rooms with calibrated light source to perform optical testing.

In order to develop in-house mockups, OIP has a well-equipped MECHANICAL WORKSHOP, fitted for rapid prototyping, custom demand modifications and tooling provisions.

The TEST FACILITIES within OIP’s Quality Control Department are accommodated with sophisticated tools and equipment for on-line optical, mechanical, electronical and environmental testing. Note that small instruments can be tested in house, but for full payloads testing is done by OIP in certified test houses.

OIP’s high standard development and manufacturing quality rules are backed up by the same level of TRAINING & LOGISTIC SUPPORT, while respecting the buyer’s demands and instructions. Training can be organized at OIP, or at the customer’s premises for use of delivered Ground Support Equipment (GSE).