About us


OIP Space Instruments ensures to work according to the highest standards and to use a continuously improved quality management system which meets the AS9100 requirements for design, development and manufacturing of opto-electronic systems and ECSS-Q-ST-20 the ESA Standard that defines the quality assurance requirements for the establishment and implementation of a Quality Assurance program for products of space projects.


OIP Space Instruments is AEO certified; enabling the company to optimize its delivery performances. The abbreviation ‘AEO’ stands for ‘Authorised Economic Operator’ and is a quality label for financial solvency and reliability in the field of customs transactions.


AS 9100

AS9100 (rev D), the quality management standard for Aviation, Space and Defense Industries, fully incorporates all current versions of ISO 9001.


ECSS-Q-ST-20 (C rev2) is the leading standard published by the European Cooperation for Space Standardisation (ECSS) and incorporates all standards of the M-, E- and Q-series, respectively Management, Engineering, & Quality, ..

European Cooperation for Space Standardisation (ECSS) is an organisation which works to improve standisation within the European space sector, for the quality assurance on space projects

The objective of the ECSS Q-series program is to provide confidence that all delivered items or services fulfill the specified requirements. Implementation of the QA requirements will ensure that:

  • confidence of achieving technical success is enhanced;
  • the occurrence of deviations and marginal quality is prevented;
  • non-conformances are detected and resolved, and corrective and preventive actions are implemented to prevent their recurrence;
  • verification of conformance to applicable requirements is performed.