As a result of the continuously expanding success of OIP’s Space activities, it has been a strategic decision to launch a separate branch within the company, putting its focus on Planetary Observation, Scientific Programs & Technological Research.
Styled in its own gold-coloured look, we proudly introduce “OIP SPACE INSTRUMENTS”; SAME location, BRAND NEW NAME, LOGO & WEBSITE, but most importantly, supported by the trusted SPACE TEAM, with an even more enthusiastic view of the future.

We are truly pleased to present you our fully detailed and illustrated SPACE brochure and moreover, we gladly invite you to take a look at our WEBSITE on, covering the 3 major SPACE categories, namely “SPECTROMETERS, CAMERAS & INSTRUMENTATION”.

About OIP (Optronic Instruments & Products)
OIP is a leader in the field of design, development & production of electro-optical systems for Defence, Aerospace, Homeland Security and High-end Industrial markets, serving a variety of different applications. The company builds on its experience with the user, while remaining in line with the latest technologies and by paying special attention to precision, accuracy, reliability and cost effectiveness.
With more than a century of experience, today, OIP is providing its customers all over the world with state-of-the-art mission critical visualisation solutions.